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"Try to show Salem village that you and your friends are not witches, so you can save yourselves from torture and death"

Salem it's a puzzle co-op (local/online) video game developed by Games&Paper

In Salem, you'll have to overcome different puzzles with the help of your friends to win the witchcraft judgment. Also, you'll have the opportunity of playing a brand new type of co-op video game where one of the teammates will have to play on a PC while the other will be able to play on the browser (mobile, tablet, PC...).


Ana Failde: game design, narrative & art.

Yago de Hita: game design, narrative, UI, UX, SFX & testing.

Pablo Mata: game design, narrative & programming.

María RN: producer, programming, game design & narrative.

Adrián Rivas: game design & narrative.

María del Carmen Summers: game design, narrative & art.




Salem.zip 49 MB